Tuesday, October 26, 2010

War Turtle

My Dearest Valerie,

It has been 4 long months since I have seen your beautiful smile, or heard your sweet voice. It is cold here, and I look forward to making it home to once again feel your tender embrace. I miss our long walks along our plantation, and especially the warmth there. The chill in the night here is the kind that clings to your soul, and never lets you forget the severity of why you are out here. I feel death itself is always near, made apparent by my fallen friends, and the horrors of the battle field. Knowing that you are home, safe and warm, is a thought that I cling to like the last ember on kindling in a dying fire.
As the wind rips through my Burberry, I will persevere knowing that there is an end to this war; but more importantly, a beautiful girl anticipating my arrival. The sun may not warm this land, but there is a warmth I feel with you in my thoughts. I miss you dearly, my sweetheart, and will hold you again.

Sincerely yours, with love

Thomas G