Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Classy Lady

A simple plan.

Of course, she thought. How could it be anymore obvious? "I rarely purchase anything from the stores anymore, and since I have learned to sew, why, its so simple! I could use it in so many ways. With the dress and my pearls, atop my coat, I could make a statement at work and leave it on for the entire day! This is what I have been missing when I look in the mirror." The scarf wasn't all that she was missing, however. Indeed she had created a cage for herself, flitting about her neatly organized Park Slope apartment, making the neighbors crazy when they dared watch her activities. But when she walked out of her building, their gossip was all but silenced. Gorgeous in her overcoat atop her dress, with a line of pearls across her neck, and that shock of color that was her scarf... Was that really all she thought about? "Simple, keep it simple. I choose the ensemble, the details, and that is enough complication in my life." With that, she walked to the Brooklyn Co-Op on Atlantic, for some Gorilla Coffee and a croissant.

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