Monday, June 28, 2010

Madras the Elephant

The original from home.

He was a professional out of college. It took hard work to get into the art director job he was in now, but once established, he had complete creative freedom. Passion took him further than his portfolio. It was that very passion that led him to be proud of the clothing he chose to wear. His brightest articles of clothing were not cheaply dyed cotton sold as "madras", but true patches of fabric from India; crafted there and sent to the states. It meant a bit more to him to wear the real thing from his homeland, rather than purchase a mass-produced piece. He thought to himself, "originality is fleeting, always copied...yet, when seen, truly inspirational."

Animal Fashions. Up for 2 more days at IndyInk.
84 S. Broadway-Denver.

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