Sunday, June 6, 2010

I used to race, but now I drink

The former Champion.

Bred for perfection, seasoned on the track. Yes indeed Mint-Julip was the champion, and he was revered in all of the watering holes he frequented. The Kentucky Derby was still an enjoyable race to watch, and always a good reason to throw on the bow tie and blue blazer. Yes, Derby time; the ladies in their big hats, the smell of money... but especially that deep, earthy smell of the track. The brave but mostly naive strangers that approached him in the bar still asked the same questions.
"Hey, Mint-Julip! You're a real inspiration, man. You still hit the tracks? How's the leg?"
"Huh," he thought, taking a long pull on his short, double brandy, "I used to race. But now I drink."

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